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Article: Wilderness Walk: Vegas Has Their Chance

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1 hour ago, Protec said:

Then I’ll be able to say Kaprizov and the Barber, or Kaprizov and Shevy... Ya know, like there has to be a good second-fiddle guy to go with Kaprizov. 

Kaprizov and crazy Ivan is good.

To me, Boldy to Kaprizov has a very nice ring. In the future, typing Draisaitl to Kaprizov feels amazing!

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I know this is the end of the season, the Stanley Cup will be awarded soon. But we're approximately 2 weeks away from the draft, and I'm seeing very little coverage on this. As a Wild fan, shouldn't we be more focused on the draft and who's who?

The big thing here is that outside of the top 5, it's a real crap shoot. People are rising and falling daily, and even the "experts" are all over the place. We're going to have to learn about a lot of prospects. My hope is for 2 centers and at least 2 firsts, one in the teens. 

In other news, Tony's article is not taking comments again. Not sure if this is a me problem or an HW problem?  Somehow Protec snuck in a comment. 

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3 hours ago, Imyourhuckleberry said:

I''ve seen a couple of articles this week indicating they are not taking comments--one that just posted on a draft prospect. Not allowing comments seems odd to me and less than ideal.

I just read the one on Moore, fantastic article by Justin Hein, and it has no comments for me either (I think that's the one you're referring to). So, if multiple people are getting this message, it sounds like someone at HW flipped the wrong switch!

Hein hit the ball out of the park, but do we have the ammo to go up and get Moore? I'd like to see us not have to sacrifice 21 to get it, maybe including next year's first. Moore should be the most scouted player by us in this draft since he's in our own backyard.

What if we can't get him? So, I'm thinking a sneaky way is to find out just how big a fan he is of the Wild. Faber's dream came true, could Moore's? Might we have to wait for him to skate for seasons at the U and then not sign with who drafted him? Could he make it be known he's not signing with who drafted him and wants to be traded here? Adam Fox did it to Carolina.

There are some #oneofus guys that I think are really good for the team. Moore would be one of them. I felt like Oettinger would have been too, and definitely Faber fits that mold. Some of those guys just seem to leave a little more out on the ice, especially at home, when they're playing out their dream! Moore does have some warts, but I think they may be fixable.

Also, Dobber had him listed at 188, so I think he's already filling out. It would probably be good to see what he listed at the combine. Just checked, Moore checked in at 195 at the combine and did fairly well in some of the athletic testing. We need this guy!

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Danielson came in at 186, Edstrom at 185, Ritchie is not listed.

There was a guy who had a pretty good strength measuring at the combine so I looked him up. Matteo Mann. This guy is a monster defender, exactly the type of player we need in the organization. 6'5.5" 222. He hits like a freight train, and defends his own end. RHS defender for the 3rd pairing unless he can improve his offense (which could come later). He is listed as a late 3rd, but I bet he gets taken earlier. Also, he is mobile for his size. Keep an eye on that name! At 64, that might be our pick. That could be our Parayko!

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