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Article: Wilderness Walk: Dumba Up For Another King Clancy

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I should have listened but I didn't.

How is it that a club can embarrass the league, have most of its front office and coaching staff banned and still have enough juice to jump up into the top slot of the draft lottery?

Pedigree: an original 6 team with a huge tv market. Owner: must have paid the fines and added tips for the NHL commissioner's staff. 

Since the draft lottery has taken place, it seems like teams such as Montreal, NYR, Chicago all get preferential treatment in the lottery process, and, they are all original 6 teams and large tv markets. Since they have to play by hard cap rules, they've got plenty of money to slide whichever way they want. 

Let's face it, it is in the best interest of the league to have the large markets do well. And to have them do well, they need premium picks. 

If this is the case, then, the Wild will have to get very lucky with their picks AND develop a different strategy to not have the elite players. AND, OCL has got to learn to tip better!

Congrats to you guys who correctly called it, I should have listened but still have a naive look at how things really work. Small and mid market teams will just have to deal with getting screwed.

Interestingly, Connor Bedard enters the 2023 draft 1" taller than Rossi and 2 lbs. heavier. I wonder if he can survive as a center?

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