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Hockey Wilderness

Article: Wilderness Walk: Hartman Heroics In Game 1

30 minutes ago, Will D. Ness said:

What's with the hometown Dallas announcers on ESPN?  I don't think I have ever experienced a national broadcast, in any sport, that was that bad.  Even ex-players who are now in the booth clearly know better than to call a game like that.

I'm glad I could watch it on Bally's and not BSPN

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21 hours ago, B1GKappa97 said:

well so much for getting Yurov in the AHL next year. Just signed a 1-year extension with the KHL. 

Better than anything longer-term though! 

Wonder how much of this was Russian Military saying "If you leave the KHL, we are going to send you to the front lines." Or something like that.   

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On 4/18/2023 at 8:27 AM, Secord Sucks said:


I would not want to play hockey against Marcus Foligno. Moose was a monster last night/this morning--NINE hits, and it seemed like every single one was a bone cruncher. Can't wait to see Moose get a clean shot at Suter!

Yup, a lot of folks consider reaves as the enforcer, but Foligno never gave it up. He's by far the enforcer on the team. In all honesty I've been disappointed with Reaves in that role. He rarely dishes it out and has been in one fight since he's been here I believe. IMO Reaves should be the odd man out when 'Sunny' is ready.

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