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Hockey Wilderness
  • Wilderness Walk for 1-15-2011


    I have something I would like to try. Humor me. Everyone put your hands up over your head. Now, yell "WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE."

    Everyone feel better? I hope so. If not, wait another couple weeks, we'll do it again. You see, this is the cliche roller coaster ride right now. The team clicks uphill for a game, maybe two, sometimes even four. Click, click, click, click. Then, right when they are at the top, the bottom falls out, the cart goes over the edge and everyone plummets to the bottom. The guy in the middle barfs, the kids in the front car cry, and everyone else wonders what the hell just happened.

    The only thing left to do is decide if you are getting off the ride at the bottom, because, just like a real roller coaster, the Wild ride will click back up hill again. If you can stand the thrill and depression of the fall on the other side, then you get to enjoy the anticipation of the ride up as well. If you can't handle the drop on the back side, I would suggest getting off now.

    Make sure you check out the Facebook Question of the Day. It's a relatively long walk, so pace yourself.


     Wild finds itself still stuck in reverse | StarTribune.com - Russo gamer. Which changed a bit since I read it last night. Must be nice to have an editor. Oh yeah. Wait.


    Khudobin's shaky play fits right in with Wild's home-ice woes | StarTribune.com - Rachel Blount with a good look at Borat.



    Goal-starved Minnesota Wild drop third straight - TwinCities.com - Brothers' gamer.

    Rookie goalie Matt Hackett receives a major league wake-up call - TwinCities.com - A brief look at how Hackett handled the idea of being called up.

    Hitting The Post: Cue "Jaws" music; Wings lose Howard - Wings lose Howard? THE WINGS LOSE HOWARD? What about me? Huh? I lost the guy in at least three leagues. BS.



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