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  • Which Broadway Shows Would Each Wild Player Enjoy the Most?

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    Mikki Tuohy

    It seems like in so many places, sports and theater are separate. People assume that they are entirely different with no overlap. But that isn’t true! A well-rounded person can and should enjoy both.

    So, which Broadway shows would some of the Minnesota Wild players enjoy the most? Let’s explore.

    Phantom of the Opera

    This musical is a great mix of drama, romance, and horror without being too scary. The Wild’s resident indie/emo player, Connor Dewar, would love the dark elements of Phantom. 

    The Music Man

    When a grifter comes to a small Iowa town, he pulls his scam but also falls in love. It’s a light musical full of comedy and catchy songs. This feels like a show that Marcus Foligno would enjoy. His golden retriever energy matches the upbeat musical.


    This odd musical features all of the actors dressed as giant cats. It’s incredibly random but also enjoyable. It feels like Brandon Duhaime would jive with this one, and it also feels like there doesn’t have to be any explanation why.

    The Lion King

    Based on the hit Disney movie, The Lion King features amazing costumes and props. It’s also nostalgic for any 90’s kid who was a Disney fan. While Matt Boldy wasn’t born when the movie came out, it feels like The Lion King could bring him out of his shell a bit.


    The jazzy story of women in prison for killing their partners, this musical is for a more mature audience with its burlesque aspects. Ryan Hartman’s ratlike on-ice personality would particularly like The Cell Block Tango. 



    Lin-Manuel Miranda's immediate smash hit tells the story of Alexander Hamilton’s life with a few artistic liberties to make it a good story. With his love of trivia, Filip Gustavsson would enjoy watching it. He could then research to find out which parts weren’t true so he could share it with the rest of the team.


    Based on the Wizard of Oz books, it’s the tale of two witches: one good and one evil. Zach Bogosian and Pat Maroon have that sort of dual personality. Tough guys on the ice, but big teddy bears off of it.

    Sweeny Todd

    In a dark tale of revenge, a man vows vengeance after his wife is murdered, and he's wrongfully imprisoned. He returns to take up his barber career once again, but this time he uses it for murdering his clients. This seems like a musical that Joel Eriksson Ek would enjoy, but there is no specific reason. Just vibes.

    Fiddler on the Roof

    A poor Jewish father tries to find good husbands for all five of his daughters. During the wedding of one of his daughters, he sings the song Sunrise, Sunset about how he and his daughters have all aged. (grab the tissues!) Marc-Andre Fleury could sing the same song. As he's nearing his hockey sunset, this seems like a fitting musical for Fleury.


    Set in a 1950s high school, teenagers deal with relationships and more taboo subjects like pregnancy. To some viewers who are more naive, there are many jokes that do not make sense. Marco Rossi seems like a very wholesome guy, but he seems to have dug deep to find his more assertive, bad-boy self. He’s a bit like a male version of squeaky-clean Sandy, who finds her confident, bad-girl self at the end of the movie.

    Billy Elliot The Musical

    A young boy in 1984 Ireland tries his ballet lessons from a miner father, who wants him to be a tough boxer. It’s a sweet, heart-touching story that Freddy Gaudreau would enjoy. Gaudreau seems to be a sensitive soul.


    Camelot is based on the legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. For some reason, Jonas Brodin seems like he would enjoy medieval history. 

    Dr. Seuss’s How the Grinch Stole Christmas! The Musical

    Based on the children’s book by Dr. Seuss, it’s the story of a Grinch who learns to love Christmas. It’s colorful and whimsical, perfect for someone who loves life and always wears a smile. Brock Faber would probably attend multiple times and enjoy it more each viewing.


    Set in the 1960s, a teen girl wants to dance on a local TV program but ends up also helping to integrate the show. It touches on many important social issues but is also humorous and fun. Jake Middleton seems like he would enjoy the fun parts while finding the social issues thought-provoking. 

    Into the Woods

    This musical weaves together several fairy tales with music. It looks at the unintended consequences that wishes can have. Jon Merrill seems like he would be the player with the biggest imagination.

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