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  • What Should the Wild Do With Their Next Reverse Retro Jerseys?

    Kayla Hynnek

    Ever since Adidas took over the creation and distribution of authentic NHL jerseys, the Minnesota Wild have been one of the few teams not to shake up their look. Since 2017, they have only worn their usual home and away, with the exceptions of the Reverse Retro and Winter Classic jerseys.


    The Wild only wore the Reverse Retro a handful of times, and they only wore the Winter Classic one once. With the NHL confirming that there will be a second round of the Reverse Retro jerseys out next season, I scoured the internet looking for realistic mock-up jerseys that talented artists have made. I also took a look at what people have made for alternates, as well as entirely new jersey concepts for the Wild.


    All over Instagram, talented artists spend their time making new versions of professional jerseys. The first one we'll take a look at is by user @saturnstyles_.



    View this post on Instagram


    A post shared by @saturnstyles_


    That could be the Wild’s next Reverse Retro jersey. It’s pretty much the same as the original retro jersey, just with the colors swapped. Last year’s Reverse Retro sweaters sold out fast, so there’s no doubt that a color-swapped version like this would also fly off the shelves. Minnesota hockey fans still go nuts over those North Stars colors.


    This next one is a little different, but it’s all Wild.



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    A post shared by Rockhopper Design (@rockhopper_design)


    User @rockhopper_design took the Wild’s inaugural jersey design but made it red. The logo used is from the original sweater's shoulder patch. The Wild have not had a red uniform in nearly six years, and this design definitely works. It makes good use of the Christmas colors with the original striping, so it’s perfectly ‘retro.’ This jersey brings more color to the Wild’s lineup and would no doubt be a favorite.


    The next option for the new reverse retro is by user @awstngraphix. It is similar to the previous jersey but with a newer, more fresh design.



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    A post shared by Austin's Designs. (@awstngraphix)


    It takes the Wild script logo and the Christmas colors but adds in more of the wheat color. This design hasn’t been used in the NHL before, but it’s clean and would look very good on the ice.


    The next set of uniforms we’ll take a look at are all fantastic renditions of Wild jerseys. They could all be considered an alternate whenever the Wild decide to have one.


    The online jersey creators seem to like the wheat/cream color for the Wild, and many have created sweaters in this color. No other jerseys in the NHL feature the wheat, so it’s a new and exciting look. The Iowa Wild debuted a wheat sweater last season, and it was well-received. They also added a wheat helmet, which works great with the overall setup.




    This first Minnesota wheat jersey by user @dm.graphic.design.co takes a look at all the gear. So we’ve got all wheat and green. It’s definitely a new look, but it works.



    View this post on Instagram


    A post shared by Drew Martin (@dm.graphic.design.co)


    This one also uses a new logo, with just an ‘M.’ The ‘M’ comes from the green alternate sweaters that Reebok debuted in 2009. There’s no shoulder patch, and the striping is clean and fresh.


    Here’s a look at another wheat jersey, just slightly different, by @cd24_design.



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    A post shared by cd24 design (@cd24_design)


    This jersey incorporates a bit of white and adds the Wild circle logo as a shoulder patch.


    This next wheat jersey is a bit of a wild card, as user @ac.edits.designs made up the logo.



    View this post on Instagram


    A post shared by Artie Carril (@ac.edits.designs)


    It comes from the user’s ‘legacy’ series and takes the ‘M’ and styles it in the form of the North Stars. They blend the Christmas colors with the wheat in a very tasteful way. They also added a new shoulder patch design, an outline of Minnesota with the State of Hockey logo. Check out some of the comments on this one, too. People seem to really like the design.


    Next, we’re going to take a look at some red jerseys. Red is a very popular color in the NHL because it looks very good on the ice. The Wild had a red primary jersey from 2003 to 2017, and it would work well as an alternate color.


    User @saturnstyles_ made this great version of a Wild jersey. It takes the Minnesota Wild script logo and puts it on a primarily red jersey, with green on the shoulders and arms. With no shoulder patches, this jersey is as clean as they can get.



    View this post on Instagram


    A post shared by @saturnstyles_


    Here’s another one by @saturnstyles_ from their color rush series.



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    A post shared by @saturnstyles_


    This one has something no other Wild uniform has ever had – red breezers. It also has a striping pattern that the Wild have never used before. If the NHL were to create their own color rush series, this jersey would be a great option for the Wild.


    This next one is a little out there, as it has no green.



    View this post on Instagram


    A post shared by Carter Richard (@carter.richardd.designs)


    @carter.richardd.designs took the red and wheat colors and made an all-new look for the Wild. It’s got the classic logo, only two-toned, and a bit of a different look at the bottom of the jersey. Instead of stripes lining the bottom, it’s pine trees. It’s a look that would bring new life to NHL jerseys. The Arizona Coyotes used a similar style in their Reverse Retro jersey, lining the bottom of the jersey with cactuses and a desert background.


    If the Wild ever wanted to tweak their current home and away setup, plenty of designers out there have made versions that are more than acceptable as NHL jerseys. This set by @ac.edits.designs adds more color and a bit more life to the current look. It takes away the center stripe and adds more red.



    View this post on Instagram


    A post shared by Artie Carril (@ac.edits.designs)


    These next two by @carter.richardd.designs are really nice. They also incorporate the pine trees, and there’s a bit more life to these sweaters.



    View this post on Instagram


    A post shared by Carter Richard (@carter.richardd.designs)


    The Wild are going to release the design of their 2022-23 Reverse Retro jerseys soon, but fans have been craving new options beyond that, and it would be nice to take fans' opinions into account. They've been rumored to experiment with different designs and alternates but tested them on the ice and found that it didn’t work. These jerseys made by hockey fans are fantastic, and there is no doubt that many of them would work on the ice. Maybe give one of them a call?

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