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  • We Need Some Wild Giveaways

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    Mikki Tuohy


    Going to a hockey game is great, no matter what. The love of the game, right? But it is even more fun when there is a giveaway to go along with it. The Minnesota Wild have had some fun giveaways, like an ornament in the shape of a lighthouse that makes the noise of the goal horn or the cute Nordy stuffie for kids that also became a stand-in for a hat during the hat trick-laden, crazy Wild/Canucks game a few weeks ago.

    The upcoming giveaways for Minnesota-made products are a good start. But there are plenty of giveaways from other teams that would be fun to duplicate. Here are a few more ideas.

    Hawaiian Shirts

    The Washington Capitals have just hosted a game where the giveaway was a Capitals-themed Hawaiian shirt. Think of the fun that the Wild could have with that. The red and green colors. Instead of flowers, think more of the tree/wilderness motif from the inside of the logo. Add in a red/green lei, and it’s a summer party in the middle of winter.

    Customized Popcorn Bucket or Gravy Boat

    A few teams have jumped on the theme of Zamboni-shaped containers with gravy boats and popcorn buckets. That’s good and all, but what about something a little more specific for the Wild crowd? A bus-shaped container would make a fun popcorn-filled giveaway! It isn’t just any bus, but a Gus Bus popcorn bucket.

    Zoobaz Pants

    A Minnesota-born idea, Zoobaz pants are timeless. Other Minnesota sports teams have made their own version in the past. A red and green pair of striped Zoobaz would be a fun tie-in!

    Ticket Package

    The Twin Cities has many fun attractions that could be a good tie-in with the family ticket package. How about the ability to get tickets to a Wild game and the Minnesota Zoo? Or a Wild game and the Minnesota History Museum? It could be a fun way to draw more families to the game.

    Fake Glasses

    Everyone loves Brock Faber and his glasses. Anyone can pick up a real pair of his own branded glasses, but what about a night when they hand out plastic Faber glasses for everyone to wear? Maybe on a night that could partner with the University of Minnesota Gopher hockey team?

    Wild Belt Bag

    The Gophers gave away a simple belt bag with the logo this year. The Wild could do the same. They could also go a step further and say that it is allowed in the Xcel Center. It could also be sold in the Hockey Lodge, but a giveaway would be a fun way to debut it.

    Fun Socks

    There are all sorts of ideas for making fun Wild-themed socks. Nordy head, Player faces, logo, etc. Make it a one-size-fits-all sort of deal and a grab bag. No one picks which kind they get. If there’s enough budget, maybe an adult size and a kid size. Almost everyone wears socks! 

    Moose Stuffie

    Okay, maybe this has been done. But a cute little moose stuffed animal wearing a Foligno Wild jersey? Fun for fans. Fun for kids. Fun for everyone!

    There are so many ideas out there. You’ve got to give the team credit for the fun things they come up with. This year's Tarps Off Middsy shirt was hilarious. Last season, the little radios they gave out for Bob Kurtz’s retirement were unique. Does anybody else have another idea?


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