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    I wanted to take a quick second while news is slow to point out that I have a new sign in, though I am still the same old Buddha. To the three or four readers that have sent me emails telling me that I am no better than Eklund, and should not hide behind a pseudonym, I have officially been granted a new sign in from SBN. It reflects my real name, and should better suit the professionalism that SBN provides.

    For the record, my real name is Bryan Reynolds. One of my nicknames is Buddha, and I have published under that name in several locations for a couple of years now. I never intended for "Buddha" to become a name to hide behind, nor did I ever wish to be a nameless blogger out in the nowhere that is the internet. In fact, in my very first post here at Hockey Wilderness, I stated that fact.

    In addition to Hockey Wilderness, I also write for Pro Hockey News. PHN is not a place that allows for me to express an opinion in the same way that Hockey Wilderness does. PHN is a news site, not and editorial site. Hockey Wilderness serves both needs for readers, news and opinion. A few of the emails threatened to "expose" me to my editors at PHN for posting over here at the Wilderness. In truth, my writing here at Hockey Wilderness helped me to cement my position at PHN, and my editiors enjoy reading my material here.

    Hopefully this post will clear up any confusion that was out there. I did not want to be Eklund, nor did I ever wish to be lumped in with that sad sack of low quality "journalism." I apologize to anyone out there that was caused any stress or grief over me posting as "Buddha."

    One final note. While my sign in has changed, I still plan to sign my posts as "Buddha." As I said above, it is a nickname, and one that I have grown accustomed to. I truly hope that everyone can accept that.

    Thanks all for reading, and for the comments and suggestions. Every post I make is just for you.


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