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  • Minnesota Wild 2012 Season Prospect Awards


    But in the pile of all that talent, who shined this season? Who deserves to be recognized for their accomplishment? Who has earned a fancy non existent trophy with their name hypothetically etched on a pretty brass plaque? Which players should Wild fans jump up and down like Bieber just entered the room about? And finally, which prospects just look flat out terrified to be potential NHLers?

    Today, we award the prospects some much deserved imaginary hardware, all en route to the draft, when a new crop of players will join the field to compete next year. Any awards you would give out Wilderness?

    As it says, this award is given to the prospect that is deemed most valuable


    Obvious, Granlund wins this award. He has been the heralded as the second coming of whoever that savior you pray to. Coming from the mysterious lands of Finland, Granlund recently signed a NHL Entry-level deal packed full of expensive bonuses, and everyone has a good feeling he'll meet alot of them.

    Runners up: Charlie Coyle, Jonas Brodin

    Award given to the best forward prospect in the organization.


    Did I stutter?

    Runners up: Charlie Coyle, Zach Phillips

    Award given to the best defensive prospect in the organization.

    D JONAS BRODIN 6-1 181
    On draft day in the 2011 NHL Draft when Brodin's name was announced, anyone else go "who?". I knew OF him but was really rooting for Sven Bartschi.

    But this is why I am not a Wild scouting member and the Wild scouts ... well, are. Brodin had an amazing season and showed he was the best of the defensive prospects the Wild had to offer. Although there isn't much bluechip potential within the defensive core, that shouldn't take away from what Brodin accomplished as an 18 year-old.

    Award given to the best goaltending prospect in the organization.

    G MATT HACKETT 6-2 195

    No matter where Hackett is, he just manages to find a way to be the best. He shined in the OHL, he's shining in the AHL, and in around nine games worth of minutes in the NHL, he manages a spectacular 0.921 save percentage and 2.38 goals against average.

    Hackett will most likely head back to the Aeros where he will have to battle hard against Kuemper for the title of #1 goaltender.

    Runners up: Darcy Kuemper, Johan Gustafsson

    Award goes to the prospect that has the best potential of beating the !@#$ out of the opponent. Watch out!

    D JOSH CARON 6-2 205

    Enforcers seem to be going out of style, but Caron seems to still have a future with the Wild. He is a big 6-2 215lbs defenseman who fought 16 times this season in the WHL and 159 PIM in 63 games. Skillwise, he is questionable if he can play regular NHL minutes, but he most definitely brings a physical game we all love to watch.

    Fighting his way up, one face at a time.

    Runners up: Brett Bulmer, Charlie Coyle

    The prospect from the 2012 NHL Entry Draft class that made the most strides
    D JONAS BRODIN 6-1 181

    This is just unfair to guys like Zach Phillips and Mario Lucia. Both of these guys made tremendous steps forward but its hard to beat a guy who managed to show the world he can play against men.

    Sorry buds.

    Runners up: Zach Phillips, Mario Lucia

    This title is given to the prospect that improved the most this season

    C CHARLIE COYLE 6-2 205
    Coyle started the season quite well at Boston University with 14 points in 16 games. However, he didn't seem to really take charge offensively. He dominated physically but was still missing that special element.

    Queue the drama at BU and exits Coyle to join the talented Saint John Sea Dogs. He immediately comes in and blossoms offensively, 2nd in team points per game, and tied for 1st in playoff team scoring.

    Coyle just may have found his sweet spot and we all hope that carries on to the pros. We need it.

    Runners up: Brett Bulmer, Johan Larsson

    This goes to the prospect that has a best chance of shining ... then not. Thanks for 5 years of nothing Doug.

    C ERIK HAULA 5-11 170
    Haula had a good year with the Gophers, giving the team some offense it needed in the playoffs. He led the team in scoring and is starting to show that he may be a steal as a 7th round pick. But lets not forget he is a little undersized, not going to shine in the skating department, and while he did lead the team with 49 points, there were three other players that scored above 40 points. He may be a great story, but he still has a long road ahead of him.

    Runners up: Zack Phillips, Johan Gustafsson

    Award given to the most underrated prospect in the organization
    C JOHAN LARSSON 6-0 203

    Larsson gets so little love, its somewhat sad to see. He is mixed in the pile of talented forwards that the Wild, and seeing how he plays in a far away land named Sweden, its understandable.

    Either way, Larsson will have a bright future and will get to show it off next season in Houston if he doesn't make the Wild cuts.

    This goes to the prospect who has the worst "wasn't ready for the photo" moment. And I wanted to piss Nathan off.
    D JONAS BRODIN 6-1 181
    You all know which picture I'm talking about. Here is exhibit A:


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