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  • Minnesota Wild’s new jersey: ADIDAS re-design fall flat or smashing success?


    The most hyped and anticipated day of the off season (until tomorrow) is here. Welcome to the official Adidas NHL jersey reveal day! Once again it’s time to thumb through your closet and prepare to throw out all your old jerseys so you can buy all new ones brought to you by a brand known for soccer, stolen as a nu-metal fashion trend in the 90’s, and now the brand has pushed its way into the hockey market.

    The design has been teased in an effort to build up the hype machine and keep fans pinned to their mobile devices looking for any kind of leak that may provide a full view of what the Wild will be wearing on home ice this fall.

    With little to go on besides the Wild are definitely shifting to an all green jersey with what appears to be a wheat stripe through the center along with the return of the classic logo, Wild fans were left wondering, “How bad can it be?” as well as “Anything beats those Christmas sweaters.” I happen to like the reds, and I’m fully aware I’m in the minority on that one.

    So without further adieu, here are your new home jerseys along with the slightly modified away whites.

    As you can see, the Wild have abandoned the Christmas sweaters for these green monsters which are apparently being described by the team as “Modern. Vintage.” and are in my humble opinion, lackluster at best. With all the hype surrounding Adidas taking over and the Wild electing to go a different direction with their home jerseys, you’d think we’d get more than a green base, wheat white stripe across the body and sleeves, and the lonely singular red strip embedded within the wheat white stripe on the sleeves. The stripe does not encompass the entire jersey however, as the backs are plain green with the numbers and name being the only noticeable features.

    Things really get interesting though when you look towards the shoulder and see, an “M” patch, and nothing more. The neck line features your classic tie up over a red base which extends over the ties in a triangle shape that features the NHL crest plastered right in there.

    No stripes along the bottom, aside from the center logo the color red has basically gone extinct. The shoulders have absolutely nothing going on, and the one little bit of flair we see is a white stripe breaking up the green monopoly across the middle of the sweater.

    I’m not going to go so far as to say they are hideous, but they definitely feel like the Wild had the deadline for the design sneak up on them, and they just said forget it and threw this together the night before. No imagination, and no color at all. I love green folks. It’s by far my favorite color, but these are going to bug me for some time.

    The imagination seems lacking. The solid green base with the white stripe do force your eyes to the logo, as it’s nearly the only place on the sweater with any action. The lettering on back as well as the numbers are your basic as ever block print with the numbers featuring a red outline over under the white numbers. The stripes sort of give up on the back side of the sweaters, which makes sense in a weird way as it would likely look even dumber slashing through the numbers on the back.

    So, there you have it Wilderness. You new home greens. What are your thoughts? Love them? Hate them? Are you feeling kind of meh about them? Sound off in the comments below.

    The new jerseys will not be available until September, but if you feel so inclined to pre-order a new jersey you can get yours for $180 here.


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