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  • Lessons in Things That Don't Matter


    Today, there was news in NHL CBA negotiations. The problem is? It doesn't fucking matter in the slightest.

    This post has absolutely nothing to do with hockey, except to serve as a reminder that listening to billionaires and millionaires bicker over how much of the $3.3 billion a year pie they get to shove in their bank accounts really just doesn't fucking matter. For hockey fans, we don't even have anywhere to turn for an escape from the madness of the day.

    And none if fucking matters.

    Twenty children and six adults were killed at an elementary school. Twenty children were killed. Twenty. Every single one of them the happiest and best thing that ever happened to the family they belonged to. Have you ever walked into a classroom of kindergartners? The pure joy of being alive, of being at school, of being kids is palpable.

    Imagine now you are in that room when a maniac walks in and starts shooting for absolutely no fucking reason.

    The terror those kids must have experienced, their innocent little minds too young and ignorant to the world to have any clue what was happening around them. To them. Their minds likely didn't tell them to dive for cover or even to run away. To a kid, the world is new, it is scary, but it is safe. For the kids in Newtown, the world will never feel safe again. Ever.

    As the Onion summed up so nicely: Fuck everything. Just fuck it all to hell. I'm glad the NHL went about its business today, taking another step toward the destruction of itself. Just another reminder of how truly little they actually matter.


    The thoughts and prayers of the entire Hockey Wilderness staff and community are with the victims and families in Newton. Today is but the beginning of their hell, one we can never help them exit or fully understand. We are truly sorry that this happened, or that the world in which something like this can happen even exists.

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