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  • "I'm not quitting on the group," Mike Yeo tells media after 8th straight loss


    Yes, Mike, we watched it too.

    Where has this emotion you speak of? It certainly doesn't appear on the ice. But you're absolutely right, good, bad, or indifferent, the players have to find a way to execute on the ice. What they've shown for a month and change is the a complete lack of execution and a will to give a damn about playing poorly.

    The response has been loud and clear for weeks now, not just this one game either. The team has responded by not coming out of the locker room and doing the things necessary to win. By giving more of a lassez faire effort with execution on the simple parts of the game, their response in this crucial point of the season has been a big "F you" to fans and their coach.

    Which means nothing, really. Pominville was demoted to the 4th line to start against Boston, but it's not like that demotion lasted for anything meaningful in time, considering he still saw time on the second power play unit and the entire first period was a special teams barn show. Other "changes" done this season have hardly lasted past one game, or were taken out on the wrong players, therefore sending only confusing and muddled messages.

    This line was better. However, I don't know how you expect a player to 'get the message' when things change almost immediately. Even before the game there were large numbers of people running the stop watch on how long the demotion would last. And, sure enough, that is exactly what happened.

    I appreciate the fight, Mike. I do. But you're only sending yourself into an ambush if you don't have the guys behind you willing to fight for you.. The tension is palpable. They know that your job is on the line. Yet, rather than fight, the team rolls over and dies on a nightly basis. You are like the boxer in the ring taking all the blows to the face, but the team is like a really bad cut-man and isn't able to stop the bleeding. While the owner is getting ready to throw in the white towel.

    As the coach, you should be able to control whether or not the team quits on you. Accountability and credibility are the only thing you have in the locker room. If you can't hold everyone accountable, then you lose all credibility. It's the one thing you have as a coach to control the team. And to say that it is something out of your control, well, that says everything anyone needs to know.

    Then when the best player on the team, the alternate captain, the face of the franchise, comes out when asked about whether or not the players are responding to Yeo and he says this:

    It's not up to the players? It's not up to the players to respond to the coach? There seems to be a disconnect in the locker room on who's responsible.

    Transcript courtesy of Michael Russo and the Minneapolis Star Tribune



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