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  • Hamil-Hockey: When Broadway and the NHL Collide


    Wilderness, the Wild are undergoing a revolution. They’re working to change the culture and style of the play, and we better be willing to wait for the result. Led by a battle-hardened Frenchman (Boudreau is a French name, right?), the boys from Minnesota have a new character.

    So, what better to do than figure out which Wild player would be which character from Hamilton? (and yes, I mean the musical, there will be conflicts with real life).

    Alexander Hamilton: Matt Dumba

    While Dumba is far from the central character of the Minnesota Wild, he fits just too perfectly. A young upstart, fighting to make his name. Aggressive and ambitious. Brilliant, yet gets carried away and makes mistakes due to being over-eager.

    Is there any doubt? That’s Dumba. The young defenseman has a lot of ability, but still gets caught up in being the hero.

    Marquis de Lafayette: Charlie Coyle

    Lafayette was a big reason the Americans won the revolutionary war. He was a central figure, helping prepare the colonists for battle, helping Washington become the general and president he became, and just generally being awesome. Yet, after all that, he disappeared, back to help his fellow Frenchmen throw their own revolution.

    Coyle is much like this: he will carry the Wild, scoring goals, feeding assists, and being the spine of the team. Then, very suddenly, he disappears. Could Coyle one day be a Wild legend? Certainly, and his skill and importance is not to be undervalued. Yet, he needs to find consistency to be the hero we need.

    Anjelica Schuyler: Ryan Suter

    Anjelica Schuyler: She’s absent from half the musical, away in Europe with her new husband. Yet, she’s there supporting the team being a strong supporter for first Hamilton and later Eliza.

    Suter is the same: he’s not the flashiest person on the team, but he’s always working and supporting. Though he seldom sets up the goal on the power play, he’s the rock upon which his unit is built, providing defensive stability for the rest of the players to build on.

    Hercules Mulligan: Devan Dubnyk

    Hercules seems like a minor character at first, then we learn all would fail without him. Had Hercules not joined up, the revolutionaries would have failed at the battle of Yorktown. The whole war could have been lost!

    Dubnyk is the base of the Wild success. If he fails, the whole mission fails. He’s the “Frodo” of Minnesota, if you don’t mind a Tolkien-ian reference.

    Aaron Burr: Jared Spurgeon

    Despite sometimes seeming like the villain, Burr is a very important character in Hamilton. He introduces Hamilton to the friends who will help him achieve renown. He is with Hamilton as he grows in influence and helps him find his path, if by showing him the wrong one.

    Spurgeon is sometimes maligned for his size and lack of physicality, but he is consistently helping the Wild find their feet. He’s ever present and stead on the blue line.

    Eliza Hamilton née Schuyler: Mikko Koivu

    Eliza is there for Alexander from the moment they meet. Even after he is unfaithful to her, she stands by him (albeit she didn’t have much of a choice in those days). She ultimately is one of the reasons for his success, and carries his legacy forward.

    Mikko Koivu has been there from the beginning. Even when the Wild fanbase mistreats him, doesn’t believe in him, calls for his C being ripped, Mikko is there. He is strong, and he stayed through the dark days of he-who-shall-not-be-named.

    George Washington: Bruce Boudreau

    Washington led the revolution and helped the colonists become true Americans. With someone else at the helm, the war may have been lost.

    Without Boudreau, who knows where the Wild would be right now? While they’re not winning the league, they certainly seem to be a different (if not always “better”) team. Still, Boudreau heads the ship, and where he goes the team will follow.

    BONUS: King George: Brendan Shanahan

    A sometime malicious seemingly all-powerful deity who fights to keep everyone under his thumb. Really, is there any doubt here?

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