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  • Good News Comes in Bunches: SGT Robert Hagen


    Yesterday was Defending the Blue Line Day in Minnesota. Andrew Brunette played in his 1000th game. Niklas Backstrom threw a shutout, and won a shoot out. Life couldn't possibly get better could it?

    Well, sure it could. Today, I got an email from Sgt. Robert Hagen. Remember him? If you don't, you should. He is a Wild fan that emailed us from Afghanistan to tell us that we were doing a great job here at Hockey Wilderness. We were so humbled by his words, we started the Hockey Wilderness Military Wild Fan Interview Series. 

    The interview with Sgt. Hagen was one of the most popular posts Hockey Wilderness has had. 

    So, what is this great news? Make the jump and find out.

    This is the email I had in my inbox when I got home today:

    You certainly got a heck of show from Niklas Backstrom last night. Glad they won. Would have been a pretty big disappointment to fly all the way from Afghanistan just to watch them lose.

    Here are those pictures he mentioned:

    Welcome home, SGT Hagen. Welcome home, indeed. The banner in one of the pictures says "Job Well Done." I would say that is good enough, but it just isn't. You, and your fellow soldiers did one helluva job, good sir. I wish I could describe the goosebumps it gave me to read that you are home.

    It is strange, having never met the guy, but a sense of relief has met me today. I am overwhelmingly happy that SGT Hagen and his fellow soldiers are home safe. While it may be in Tennessee, life is never perfect. I would much rather have them watching the Predators live than ducking mortars or any other number of unsafe things on a daily basis.

    Simply amazing the work these people do for us on a daily basis. If you got to the end of this post and don't have goosebumps, I question your sanity and your ability to properly understand human emotion.

    Seriously, welcome home, Sarge. I am ecstatic that you made it home safe, and I thank you for the service you provided, and continue to provide. Welcome home.

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