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    Just the other day, Atlanta trade Matheau Schneider to Montreal for a second round pick in the draft this year, and a third in next year's. Schneider is 39 years old, has 17 points on the year (5G, 12A), is a -14 on the season, and has average stats all across the board. He is a defensive defenseman, sure, so his stats will not show his full worth, but two picks for a 39 year old seems steep.

    Come back to today. Ottawa trades center Dean McAmmond and a first round(!) pick for C Mike Comrie and Dman Chris Campoli.

    Lets look at stats, see if it makes sense at all:

    Comrie: 28 years old, 20 points (7G, 13 A), -8, only 161 faceoff wins, 80 SOG, few hits, average PIMs. He was a former 30 goal scorer who has had injury issues, and is three seasons removed from that milestone.

    Campoli: 24 years old, 17 points (6G, 11A), -20, average hits, blocks, PIMs. Has been a fairly average defender his entire career.

    McAmmond: 36 years old, just 7 points (3G, 4A), +2, and average stats across the board. He was benched for poor performance earlier this month.

    So, Wilderness loyalists: Where does the first round pick come in to this? Who in the trade demands a first round pick?

    Now, take into account a second and third rounder for Schneider, and a first round pick to even out a trade of nobodies. This should have Wild fans drooling. Gaborik's value should be back to at least a first rounder. He has to be considered at least as healthy as Comrie, and he is 12 years younger than Schneider and 9 years younger than McAmmond. Hell, Gaborik should command a first round pick and a player at this rate.

    What about Backstrom? One of the best in the business, in a league desperate for solid goaltending, he should fetch at least two first rounders, a prospect, and a player in return.

    Johnsson, one of the best puck movers in the game (again in a league desperate for that help) should get a first round pick and at least a second liner.

    Tell me I'm wrong. Tell me that Ottawa dropping what should work out to be a fairly good first round pick just to even out a trade of role players doesn't send the trade value of the stars currently on the block through the atmosphere.

    Ugh. NHL general managers are truly their own worst enemies.



    Just read a blog from Spector. Campoli is said to be a puck moving d-man, which the Senators needed. Badly. Apparently Fillip Kuba isn't cutting it. Also, the 1st round pick originally belonged to San Jose, so it will not be a high one.

    He says the Islanders got the raw end of this deal. I say the numbers suggest otherwise. Despite the low first round pick, it is still a first round pick. That pick can be used to pick up NHL ready, or near NHL ready, talent.

    I still think the Islanders got the better end of this deal, and I still think the deal is out of whack and escalates asking prices for average players.

    Only time will tell I guess...


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