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  • Ever wonder what the logo would be if it wasn't Minnesota Wild?


    Since Las Vegas announced the Golden Knights it got me and some of the other contributors here at Hockey Wilderness talking of what could have been here in Minnesota. We thought of the other finalists for the name (Freeze, Voyageurs, White Bears, Northern Lights, Blue Ox) and a few of our own too.


    Minnesota White Bears

    The best of the other finalist to me personally was the White Bears. I didn’t know why it was white bears and not Polar Bears but then Tory mentioned that it was a nod to White bear Lake, so I just went with it. I’m not a very good graphic designer so for the logo I just went with the ECHL team Alaska Aces logo modified for the purpose. I think it looks like a fine team.

    The Jersey I went with is a black jersey as I think it works best here. The logo is outlined in green so using that wouldn’t have worked but I used green highlights same as the beige from the current Wild logo.

    Minnesota Freeze

    Now on to the Freeze. As I said I’m now a great graphic designer, but I do know my way around photoshop so forgive me for the bad looking Snow monster in the back but this is just a concept anyway.

    The Freeze sounds pretty plain but could look cool. The Freeze logos I saw elsewhere were focused on the freeze text, but any that didn’t just have text had some sort of a Sasquatch or snow monster so I combined them here again.

    With the jersey, I went to more light blue than just the darker color. The logo fits in quite well there, but is quite wide. The highlight color is nice here and is a bit of a unique look to the jersey.


    Minnesota Northern Lights

    Now this is probably my favorite name. As I said I’m not a good graphic designer so I asked @StuGetsu (check him out, he is really talented!) if he could make a quick logo for this and I think it turned out just about perfect. The logo by style is the Wild logo because the style does works pretty well for the Northern Lights.

    With the jersey I went with two highlight color areas in the arms. I like using the light green with this jersey, but I gave it the beige shoulders. I really do like the logo too and it really works well. So thanks Stu!

    Minnesota Blizzard

    This suggestion came from Joe Bouley but wasn’t a real option. I thought it to be worth using. The Blizzard is a nice name for a team and it looks pretty good too, I just went with a Greenbay football team for the logo but modified it to look more fitting.

    With this jersey I went with the Montreal and Florida style stripe in the middle and I like the look but I also really like the Florida jerseys, unlike many.

    Now last but not least is the classic North Stars, just as a "what if" when moved to Dallas they had take a more Texas name like Pistols or Gunners and the North Stars name could have been taken back in Minnesota

    I went with the Wild logo’s star for the North Stars and gave it text. The logo looks kind of classic but still decently modern. On the road the text could say Minnesota sort of like the Panthers have the Panthers text at home and Florida on the road.

    Now with the jersey I wanted to stick to a fairly classic look. I probably would have done the shoulders a bit different in terms of the style, but as I was using a template it would have been quite difficult to alter quickly I decided to to keep them as they are. I think this works quite well and looks pretty cool and would love to see something like this from the Wild as an outdoor jersey or a celebratory alternate eventually.


    So that’s all the names I decided to do for this, I hope you’ve enjoyed and to all you Americans, I wish a happy Thanksgiving. To all non-Americans have a good Thursday!


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