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  • Called Out Over Sir Flops A Lot? Deal.


    Which makes sense, since the two are more inseparable than Siamese twins.

    The folks at MHH are good people, and I meant, and mean no ill will towards them. I would however, like the chance to explain why I do not like Peter Forsberg. Make the jump, and let's discuss. Shall we?

    A warning before you make the jump. This is a debate piece, and is not related to the Wild, nor any current topic surrounding the Wild. If you do not like to debate hockey talk, skip this post. If you do not enjoy debating hockey, or the language and bitterness that can come with it, I beg you to please skip it. It is not intended to offend anyone, and if you are offended, you have been warned.

    First of all, we will look at the main piece, since I feel I can deal with this portion in the most rational manner. If you would like to go read the piece, I would welcome you to do so. The title of the piece, "I don't think you are using that word correctly," is an awesome pull from a great movie. However it is misplaced. I know exactly what the word means, and what Forsberg does to the Avs fan base is, indeed, despicable.

    For a definition, let's turn to our good friend, Mr. Webster:

    The man deserves to be despised. He has raised the hope of the fans in Colorado more times than I can count, only to then either back off or sign somewhere else. His inability to admit to himself that his career is over is obnoxious, and it aroused moral indignation in me. It is... despicable.

    Now that we have that out of the way, let's look at the body of the post, shall we?

    I have, indeed, tired of his incessant need for the spotlight and desire to come back, but not play the entire season. If he wants to come back, more power to him, but this waiting until after the All-Star break crap is petty. Reminds me a bit of the need of a certain Quarter Back to not come back until after training camp is over. Play the entire season? That's apparently not in his vocabulary, nor in Forsberg's.

    Nor did I ever say he has to be convinced to come back. Either did Nabokov. However, the parallel I was drawing still works.

    He was waiting for his foot to heal? For three years? That tells me it is not going to heal, and he needs to admit it to himself. I don't really care if he had to have players fly over to Europe to talk to him or not. He is old, he is injured, and he is a joke. The fact that Avs fans continue to defend this guy is beyond me.  

    He is not delaying to see which team gives him the best shot at the Cup? Really? I don't see him skating with the Islanders. He must feel he has a chance to do something in Colorado, or he wouldn't be there. Same thing he has done during the past attempts at a return. Philly? Nashville? Colorado? All teams either in, or pushing for a playoff spot when he came to them.

    I don't care if the guy wants to play hockey. He can do so. The fact that he continues to come back and play half seasons and make himself into a walking, talking punchline makes it a self-fulfilling prophecy. The fact that during his last return he made the Wild look silly doesn't matter much to me. He didn't play an entire season, came into a playoff team well rested and made tired, beaten down players look like they were tired, beaten down hockey players.

    He did a great job during that series. His ability to flop to the ice like a soccer star has never been better. 

    Where is the harm in that? He makes the league a joke, the Avs a joke, and those who defend him a joke. That's where the harm is. If he is so convinced he can play, then he needs to come in at the beginning of the season and play hockey. Coming in at the mid point and thinking I am going to respect his decision to so... not going to happen.

    Why do I not like Peter Forsberg? 

    Then there was Sir Flops A Lot. The guy would barely get touched and drop to the ice like he broke his leg. He is everything that is wrong with hockey players, and likely one of the main reasons there is a misconduct penalty for taking a dive. No matter how creative he is, what his numbers look like, all I see when I see his name is a soccer player in the World Cup grabbing his shin after a guy stripped him of the ball.

    So, why do I hate Peter Forsberg? Because he is a pansy and a cheater.


    The comment section of the post over at MHH is awesome. The pure quantity of asinine stupidity and over reaching assumptions is shocking. Let's take a look at some of my favorites:

    From smoky201:

    It has nothing to do with him going back to the Avs. If he was signing with any team, including the Wild, I would feel the exact same way. I mock players who deserve to be mocked. Check my past record if you do not believe it.

    From BraxtonFILM:

    Indeed. You caught me. I forgot the hyphen. I apologize for making a typo. You are the winner of this debate.

    From SteveHouse:

    Hadn't read it until now. Good post from Lambert. As for confirmation bias... I haven't liked Forsberg for 15 years or so, even when I was a fan of the team he played for. But it must have to do with something other than that.

    From Dario:

    Call my shot? Fine. Forsberg comes back, and within a month is on IR. That's my shot. Same shot I took at Modano, and look where he is. You want to wipe my face in it, that's fine. We'll see how it turns out.

    From Canucklehead272:

    Indeed, because if Forsberg scores some points against the Wild, I will likely feel shame and cry. I could not care less if he does or not. The sheer fact he is making the attempt at the half way point of the year shows me exactly what kind of man he is. 

    From Bob in Boulder:

    I actually do not. Although I do not live and die with the successes and failures of the Wild, so if they make the playoffs, it gives me more hockey to write about. If they don't we move on to off season coverage. Make the playoffs or don't, I still get to write about hockey.

    Besides these are some big words from a guy whose team is only three points ahead of such a terrible Wild team, is only in the playoffs by one point, and is pinning its hopes on a 37 year old washed up has been.

    From DanWinkler and The Red:

    I didn't know what Kiszla was, so I looked him up. Just so long as you don't compare me to Dater, I'm fine with it. As for writing just to annoy and ire... nah. I write my opinion on some issues, and not others. If they upset you, I apologize, but someone is always going to disagree with me.

    From Dixomatic:

    No one hurts anyone by playing hockey, except maybe other hockey players. It isn't a matter of hurting anyone, it is a matter of respect for yourself, and for the game. He is giving the league, himself, and the game a black eye by being unable to admit it is over. 

    That About Sums it Up.

    For the Avs fans about to join the thread, if they will that is, let me sum it all up. The comparison to Favre was not an exact one. The two situations are different, and have the same result. An old man failing to accept that his career is over, and making a fool of himself, his team, his fans, and the league by dong so.

    I do not like players who make comebacks in the middle of a season. It irritates me no matter who it is, or for what team.

    I do not like Peter Forsberg, and never have. He is a pansy and a cheater.

    Let me have it.

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