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  • Bubble's Uncanny Stats: 09-10 season


    This is the first of what I plan to make a weekly thing next season. I will present some cool, strange, and unbelievable stats from within the Wild and within the entire league. This time around, I'll be looking at some stats from the past season, and I will have a playoff edition once the champs are known. For the 10-11 season, I plan to make a weekly or bi-weekly edition. Every year, there are some mind boggling stats, stats that nearly no one thinks about checking and I always find them very interesting, so I feel the need to share them with my friends and family. Let's get it started! (DISCLAIMER: Some of the math was made manually by me, so there could be some mistakes, but I think I'm very accurate!)

    Make the jump for some uncanniness (is it a word?)

    I'm going to start out with some Wild-related stats. The Wild were rather middle-of-the-pack in most categories this year, but here are a couple of stats that kinda jumped out at me:

    Fill in the blanks ...


    The Wild ...

    By the way, anyone else surprised the Wild only trailed after one period 30 times and after two periods 38 times? Felt like A LOT more...But we do have to consider that they weren't always leading or trailing, they also went into those periods tied a couple of times, so they still went into periods trailing a lot more times than they led.

    The Wild weren't very good in shootouts this year, but check this out: The Wild scored on 22.9% of their chances at home, but stopped 74.3%of shots. Meanwhile, away from home, the Wild had 37.5% of their chances reach the other side of the goal line, but only stopped 60% of the shots. 27.4% of all Wild shootout attempts went in, while 70% attempts against them were blocked. Harding was a cool 90% (9/10), Dubie was a perfect 2/2... and well Backs...he was 63.2% (24/38), with a horrible 45.5% on the road... this to me is a clear sign that Backs wasn't the same goalie he was last year, because this is a stat you just can't blame on the system. Last year, Backs was 76.2%, with near even stats away and at home (75% and 76.9% respectively)

    Here's some stuff from around the league:

    Faceoff freakouts

    The Devils took a league-low 4244 faceoffs... which is 222 less than the second lowest and 683 less than the league's highest (WSH)... Considering the rest of the league were around the 4600-4800's, this is a pretty strange stat! We have to consider that NJD had 216 GF, 186 GA, for a total of 402 goals, while WSH had 313 GF, 227 GA, for a total of 540, so that's a difference of 138 faceoffs right there. Then you have to consider that NJD had the 3rd lowest number of penalties... it still doesn't make sense that they had over 250 faceoffs less than pretty much anyone else!

    Plus/Minus Madness!


    "Special" Special Teams

    There were 55 penalty shots this year (none against the Wild!), 17 of which were scored on, which means 17/55 = 31% (the same percentage as d-men faceoffs... SPOOKY) of penalty shots resulted in goals. If we compare this to shootouts: 449 / 1398 =  32%... Yup, that's about right!

    Well, I think that's about it for now, if I find some more, I'll include them in the comments section. Again, some of these stats I had to calculate myself, so there could be errors. I think this will be a fun little feature and silly stats will be easier to find if I go week-by-week instead of just a big blob of stats at the end of the season. I hope you enjoyed this and feel free to share some of your own observations! PEACE! (All stats courtesy of nhl.com and thank you Nathan for helping me out with the post!)


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