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  • 3 Guesses at What the "Retro" Wild Jersey Will Look Like

    Giles Ferrell

    For the first time since 2017, the Minnesota Wild will have jersey related news this offseason!


    If you haven't heard, the league is going with a line of 'reverse retro' throwback uniforms, one for each team. Some even have started to leak out, which will give us an idea of what they will look like come next season.


    For instance, here is the leaked Pittsburgh Penguins jersey compared to its original iteration from the 90s:




    Pretty clean, by jersey standards -- at least in Pittsburgh's case. Not everyone will look as good as the Penguins' iteration though.


    *cough* Anaheim, how dare you?! *cough*



    So what does this mean for the Minnesota Wild, who have just 20 seasons and a handful of jerseys to pick from that would be considered 'retro?' Well, the options might be easier to choose from. If they stuck with their team colors, but they might be going back into the past for the new color scheme.


    The Athletic's Michael Russo might have some insight into what that color scheme is.



    So, the Wild are dipping into the North Stars bag once again, after doing so for the Stadium Series alumni game against the Blackhawks in 2016. Remember those? They were pretty much circa 1991 Cup Final run style, except the Wild logo got added to the shoulders instead of the North Stars 'N.'



    Would the Wild go with a similar style to those uniforms again? They are highly regarded, but, so is the rest of the North Stars jersey history.


    An idea from fellow 10K Rinks contributor Tony Abbott sparked our first rendering, with a Wild touch on the old North Stars jersey.




    This is a good idea, and one we expanded on. We took the 91-era jerseys and put the 'M' patch on the Wild's current home uniform as the crest of this jersey, and touched it up in North Stars colors.


    [caption id=attachment_75492" align="alignnone" width="480]North-Stars-Concepts.png template via NHLuniforms.com[/caption]


    You will have to forgive the MS Paint usage here, as this 'design artist' is not quite up to date with more modern design programs.


    One thing missing in this first rendering is that the Wild bear head would go on the shoulders again, as they did in the Stadium Series Alumni uniforms.


    Using the 'M' crest here was a good idea from Tony, and one the Wild hopefully incorporate into the actual jerseys. The 'M' can go on any of the North Stars jerseys from the past, which would give it the Wild flavor it needs. Do they try it on the 1967 uniforms that they busted out in 2017 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the North Stars? We shall see.


    Just to keep the ideas flowing, we tried some other iterations of the reverse retro jersey. First, we reached out to an old friend who also appreciates the art of jerseys and MS paint to see if he had any good ideas -- although the Wild color scheme really gives you a limited range.




    For the other two renderings we made, we went with another iteration of North Stars colors, but slapped them on the Wild's first jersey. Then we solely used Wild colors on that first jersey again in the reverse retro theme.


    [caption id=attachment_75495" align="alignnone" width="481]Wild01.png Template via NHLUniforms.com[/caption]


    Anything peak your interest?


    In the next couple of weeks the Wild will be unveiling their new jerseys in the theme of North Stars colors. Will they follow one of the templates we laid out here? Or will they try something new? We shall find out, fans of the North Stars, Wild and jerseys in general hanging on and waiting for the final result.


    UPDATE: On Tuesday, November 10th, the NHL and Adidas teased all the reverse retro jerseys in this brief video. The team with '78' on the back is the Wild, who will don the North Stars colors and jersey similar to that year. Since the North Stars had two different uniforms in 1978 (one set for 1977-78 & a new set for 1978-79), we came up with two new concepts for the Wild uniform. Will they look similar to these?



    [caption id=attachment_75851" align="alignnone" width="478]NorthStars77.png Template via NHLUniforms.com[/caption]

    [caption id=attachment_75850" align="alignnone" width="480]North-Stars-78.png Template via NHLUniforms.com[/caption]

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